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September 12 2015

Tosa Connection’s first edition features Tosa Skatepark!

Wauwatosa residents should have by now received via mail the first edition of Tosa Connection- the new local, Wauwatosa-centric magazine that highlights all that makes our incredible community so special.   And you are invited to celebrate the launch of Tosa Connection at Bridgetowne Read More

What we are trying to do.


The mission of Tosa Skateboarders United (TSU – a registered 501c3 Non-profit organization) is simple: to build a skateboard park in Wauwatosa’s Hart Park.  Our skateboarding youth need a safe and appropriate place to practice their sport.  There are plenty of baseball fields and basketball courts – why no skate park?  We are going to change that by building a fun, safe, and beautiful place for both kids and adults to enjoy for years to come.

TSU is an organization of Wauwatosa residents who formed to give the youth in our community a voice, while also reaching out to local businesses and institutions about the importance of this undertaking.  The skateboarders in Tosa are vocally supportive of the project and have clear ideas about their ideal skatepark, which mirror the desires of other citizens.  They stress the importance of incorporating green space and making the park an aesthetically-pleasing addition to Hart Park.  They also envisioned a park designed to cater to all skill levels and ages – a spot that would promote lifelong participation in a healthy sport.

Our team of dedicated volunteers have worked tirelessly for several years to raise awareness, inform the community, and build relationships with professional and charitable operations nation-wide.  We are getting very close to realizing our dream, but we need your help in the final stretch to make the Tosa Skate Park a reality.

We are so close to realizing our dream, but we need your help in the final stretch.

How we'll get it done.


To build the skatepark Wauwatosa deserves, we needed to raise $240,000.

In early 2013, the Doyle Family stepped up big and proposed the Jack Doyle Memorial Challenge Grant.  They  pledged $80,000 if the City of Wauwatosa and Tosa Skateboarders United each match that amount.  In June 2013, the City of Wauwatosa agreed to match the Doyle Family’s contribution!  That meant that TSU was only $30,000 away from building the skate park!  And in October 2013, TSU reached their part of the Challenge Grant.  The skatepark planning is underway!

But we can make the skatepark even bigger and better with continued contributions!  So be a part of it and donate today!

Find Out How To Help Today!

A fun, safe street course for all ages

About the Park

The design of the Wauwatosa Skate Park will focus on two main objectives; creating a safe and fun course for our community skaters and bikers, and crafting a park that will enhance and showcase the natural beauty of Hart Park. The skatepark will be designed to mimic popular street skating elements found within Wauwatosa, and cater to all skill levels and ages, so that skaters from all backgrounds can enjoy the park fully.

The design of the park will give the youth of Wauwatosa a safe place to practice their sport, citizens will get a beautiful park to visit, and the city of Wauwatosa will have a cutting-edge space that will stand out not only among other parks in the Wisconsin, but in the entire United States.

Our Inspiration and Passion.

Jack’s Story

The memory Jack M. Doyle is a driving force behind Tosa Skateboarders United.  Jack tragically died in October 2006, playing a “game” that is frequently played by many adolescents: the choking game.  He never could have known that making himself pass out would eventually cost him his life.

As one of the founding members of Tosa Skateboarders United, the organization has felt a significant absence without Jack.  He truly stood out in the crowd with his fantastic ideas and tenacity.  His passion spawned the first TSU website, where he wrote the simple words that carry our operating message: “We want a skate park, but it will take years and take money.”  According to his parents, the first thing Jack ever expressed patience for was the Wauwatosa skate park.

Beyond just having a place for his friends to practice their sport, Jack also wanted to change the perception of the skateboarding youth.  Jack is quoted as having said “we want people to know we’re not just a bunch of punk kids; we just want a place to play!”  The passion that Jack exhibited was not only for skateboarding, but for all the kids of Wauwatosa who desperately desired a safe place to enjoy a pastime that a large percentage of our young citizens participate in.

Our organization deeply misses Jack, and his dedication to this project.  His passion is a large part of why we have soldiered on, despite many challenges, to develop the dream that Jack worked hard to promote.  Let’s get this park built.

We Need Your Assistance

How You Can Help

The funds TSU receives will go directly towards building the skate park and supporting the TSU mission.  We are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE! Donate three ways:

By Credit Card

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By Check

Make all checks payable to TSU at:

2518 N 81st St.
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The Brick Campaign and Element Sponsorships.

Ways To Contribute

Orders extended until June 1, 2015!

The latest skatepark design is allowing for more 4″ x 8″ pavers!  Get one TODAY!

To purchase your brick on line, please click here or download brick order form to mail in.

The People That Make It Possible.


We would like to thank our Event Sponsors for their generous contributions to our Jazz for the Tosa Skatepark Community Fundraising Event October 25th 2013.

Contact Us

If you have questions, want to help, or want more information on sponsoring a park feature, drop us a line and we'll get back to you right away.